The Angels-Judas04:11

The Angels-Judas

A Youtube video featuring The Angels

The Angels are Charlie Anna's three albino doberman bodyguards.Their names are Nalini, Sunitha, and Padmini. Nalini is the oldest, tallest and most aggressive. She even has small cuts in her ears from fighting so much. Sunitha is the middle sister and is a bit dim-witted. Padmini is the youngest of the three. She is the most ambitious and she's a bit thick in the thighs. Although The Angels are extremly aggressive,they have a soft side. They are also the girlfriends of the goons. Padmini is with Guru, Nalini is with Interval, and Sunthina is with Hero English.
Angels 16

The Angels from left to right: Sunitha, Padmini, and Nalini

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