—Romeo (singing), Roadside Romeo

Romeo is the main protagonist of Roadside Romeo.

Biography Edit

Romeo is a high-class and very cute mixed breed dog. He is very clever and can find a way out of any bad situation that he gets himself into. He is very talented at singing, dancing, and grooming. He owns a grooming business called Romeo's Salon. He is Laila's boyfriend and friends with Guru, Hero English, Mini, Interval, and, at the end of the film, Charlie Anna.


Romeo started out in the beginning of the movie by being rich. He was pampered and given everything he'd ever wanted. He was never denied anything so he grew up as spoiled. But when he is kicked out of his home he has to learn to improvise as he was kicked out because his owners got a new dog and went to London. Towards the end of the movie he realises that life isn't just about getting what you want, it's about working hard for everything and everyone around you. He becomes very kind-hearted and faithful towards his friends and to his future girlfriend Laila. He was even thoughtful enough to sacrifice himself to the dog-catcher to save his rival Charlie Anna. It just goes to show that even a soiled personality can be modified.


Romeo is best friends with Guru, one of the four strays. Romeo tends to seek advice from him often. He had a bitter rivalry with Charlie Anna, but they eventually smoothen things out and became friends. However, his rivalry with Charlie Anna's coyote sidekick Chhainu never really did end.

Romeo, before he and Anna became friends, liked to defy and sly his way out of Anna's laws.


Romeo 26

Romeo wearing a red bandanna

Romeo doesn't really wear clothes, but he does wear a fancy leather collar with a golden tag. The tag has his initial engraved into it. He later ditches the collar for a red bandana that his friends gave him, as a thank-you for helping them change their ways. At the end of the film, he wears a Hindi tattoo saying Laila on his right forearm.




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Romeo wearing a black and gold bandana

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  • "Dude, I love her!"
  • "O Laila, O Laila!" (singing)
  • "Dude, who the heck is Charlie Anna?"
  • "I love you." (to Laila)
  • Without Laila, there's just no point.


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