Mini me


Mini is the only female in Guru's gang. She is also a cat. Her biggest wish is to be a dog like her best friends, who she treats like brothers. She helps out Romeo, and is usually on the ball for everything.

Personality Edit

Mini is a very feisty cat. She is very short tempered, and when angry, will unleash rude comments. The dogs in Guru's gang have learned not to cross her. Even though she seems unapproachable at some points she really has a soft heart for those she cares about and would risk everything for their well being. She's one of the heroines of the movie.

Relationships Edit

She treats everyone in Guru's gang like they're her brothers. She wishes she could be a dog and has a minor crush on Romeo, as shown in the middle of the movie. Even though she doesn't show it, she cares a lot about her friends and has a good heart.

Clothing: Mini doesn't wear clothes but she does wear a collar and one biker glove on her paw. She also has a pink band-aid on her head. Edit