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—Laila (singing), Roadside Romeo

Biography Edit

Laila is a very attractive mixed breed dog. Although she is a stray, she is very high-class and every male dog wishes to be with her. Laila is very lonely, because Charlie Anna will not let anyone near her. She gets extremely upset when betrayed, probably because of her loneliness. She has the talent of singing and dancing. She can dance very beautifully but only practices in private due to males trying to woo her. She also has a gorgeous voice that she too practices in private.

Personality Edit

Laila is a bit quiet at first but when she meets Romeo she opens up and shows her true personality. Although she can be a bit arrogant and stuck-up, she is very sweet, sensitive, and proper. She can also be very emotional when it comes to relationships.

Relationships Edit

Laila doesn't have many friends. Most males are afraid to go near her due to the fact that Charlie Anna loves her and doesn't want any other males near her. Many of the females are jealous of her except for her friendly back-up dancers. But she befriends Romeo and ends up falling in love with him after he boldly dances on stage with her in front of Charlie Anna and later becomes his girlfriend.

Clothing/Outfit Edit

Laila doesn't wear clothes but she does wear a long red scarf around her neck and she sometimes wears a red bandana around her neck. Laila used to have long hair before Romeo gave her a beautiful haircut.

Gallery Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "You dance well. But that's that."
  • "YES OR NO?"
  • "Chhoo le Naa!" (singing)
  • "Sorry. Not this girl."
  • "I love you." (to Romeo)
  • "Touch my heart just this one time!" (singing in Hindi)
  • "This time, I won't say no.

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