Guru is the leader of a group of stray dogs and a female stray cat. When he and his gang first find Romeo, he is about to be killed by a pair of Dobermans for stealing their food, but Guru and his gang fight them off and they take Romeo to their home, a junkyard and eventually become friends with him. As the film progresses Guru and Romeo become best friends, due to the fact that Guru always gives Romeo advice about the streets and Romeo shows him that not all humans are bad, after a little girl saves Guru when he was injured. Guru is calm, friendly, mature and brave, willing to risk his life to protect Romeo from the wrath of the Dogcatcher and his dog, Charlie.

Guru is also the boyfriend of Silvia a sledding dog but instead gets together with Padmini, an albino Doberman and one of Charlie's Angels.

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